La Romana Weather in October

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How is the weather in La Romana in October? You’ll find information on the humidity, average sunshine hours, and chances of rain in this article. The average temperature in La Romana in October is 81 degrees Fahrenheit. The average number of sunny hours is 6.8 hours per day.

Tropical climate

The tropical climate in La Romana Dominican Republic is generally quite pleasant in October. The daily high temperature in October is usually around 88degF, and the low temperature is a bit cooler at 74degF. This makes for comfortable temperatures for swimming, snorkeling, and other water sports. The amount of precipitation is also quite moderate at 165mm per month.

The daytime temperature in La Romana is 32.1 degrees Celsius (83.8 degrees Fahrenheit). In the evening, the sun sets early and the temperature falls rapidly. During this time, the number of hours of sunshine drops to eight hours. The number of rainy days also increases, with 131 mm (5.16 in) of rain expected in a month. The relative humidity level reaches 99% during October.


Humidity in La Romana Dominican republic in October is typically high, with highs and lows usually around eighty degrees Fahrenheit (F). Daily lows rarely fall below seventy degrees Fahrenheit, and highs usually rise above eighty. The hottest day of the year is August 27, and the coldest day is January 27. The hourly average temperature for October is shown in the graph below.

Humidity in La Romana Dominican republic in October is about the same as the rest of the year, but it varies from month to month. The month of October is five degrees warmer than the rest of the year, but the nighttime temperature is normally below twenty-two degrees. During this month, the city experiences 154 mm of rain, which corresponds to about 7.9 hours of sunlight.

Average sunny hours

La Romana has an average number of sunny hours in October. On average, there are about 6.8 hours of daylight per day in this Dominican Republic city. However, this figure does not always correspond to actual days. You may want to plan your trip around the hours of sun exposure if you are concerned about the possibility of getting sunburned.

The temperatures in October in La Romana are generally warm. The average daily high is approximately 88 degF. The average low temperature is around 74 degF. It rarely falls below 71 degF and rarely goes above 77 degF. The hottest day of the year is August 27, while the coldest is January 27. To better understand the average temperature in October in La Romana, you should check the figure below.

Average chance of precipitation

The Dominican Republic is a tropical country, with warm temperatures all year round. The summer months are hot, while the winters are cool and pleasant. Typically, the north-facing slopes of the country experience more rain than the south-facing ones. Mountain ranges can increase or reduce the effect of trade winds, making some areas very humid.

The average daily temperature in La Romana is around 88 degrees Fahrenheit. The low is only rarely below 70 degrees. The hottest day of the year is typically August 27, with the coldest day being January 27. For comparison, the figure below shows the average hourly temperature for October in La Romana.

Average temperature

The average temperature in La Romana varies throughout the year. In the winter, the temperature may drop as low as 30 degrees and reach as high as 36 degrees in the summer. In October, the daytime temperature in La Romana drops to 32.1 degrees. However, it still remains above average. The number of days with significant precipitation increases from six to thirteen, and the humidity reaches its highest level.

The Dominican Republic has a humid subtropical climate with warm temperatures from May to October. The rest of the year has very pleasant temperatures. The sea temperature in La Romana is usually warm. It averages around 26.5 degrees C (79.5 degrees F) in January to March and 29 degrees C (86 degrees F) in October. The temperature decreases with altitude, though the seas are generally warm throughout the year.