Weather and Temperature in April in La Romana Dominican Republic

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Typically, the temperatures in La Romana are around 87degF and 73degF, with lows rarely falling below 69degF. High temperatures, on the other hand, can range anywhere from 76degF to 90degF, with daily averages ranging from 70degF to 85degF. You can view these temperatures in colorized day and hourly graphs below.


The Temp in April in La Romana Dominical Republic varies slightly each year. This region typically experiences 61 mm of rainfall. Daytime temperatures average around 32.1 degC (83.8 degF), and nighttime temperatures are slightly cooler at 63 degrees F (15 degrees C).

Temperatures are typically warm but can get extremely hot in April. You should wear protective clothing and avoid being in the sun within three hours of solar noon. You can also expect the occasional shower, thunderstorm, or rain in April, though recent years have seen fewer than six days of significant rain.

The Temp in April in La Romana is about 79 degrees F. Daytime highs are typically in the eighties, while lows are often around seventy degrees. However, the sea temperature in the city will still be warm, reaching as high as 81.5 degrees. This means that swimming in April is a great option.


Humidity in April in La Romana is relatively high. The daytime high is 20.8 degC (about 31.7 degF) while the nighttime low is 20 degC (about 20.8 degF). Humidity is a factor in heat-related illnesses.

Temperatures in La Romana in April tend to be hot and humid, but generally dry. The average temperature is 83degF, with daytime highs ranging from 79degF to 86degF. In past years, the average temperature has been as high as 94degF. In 2021, the average daytime temperature will be about 78degF. The average day length is 12:34 hours.

Chance of significant precipitation

Chance of precipitation in April in La Romana is about 38%. This means that the city will be mostly dry and sunny. However, April can also bring some rain, so travelers should prepare themselves. Despite the low chance of significant precipitation, April in La Romana is a great month to visit. If you are traveling in April, you can visit the city’s attractions and enjoy the warm weather.

The Dominican Republic has a tropical climate, so the temperatures are warm throughout the year. The hottest part of the day is 31degC, while evening temperatures are 25degC. The drier regions are in the south and east of the country, so there is less chance of significant precipitation in those areas.

Average daily temperature

The average daily temperature in La Romana is about 26 °F (7.5 °C). The average number of sunshine hours is about 9 hours per day and the average precipitation is 127 mm (4.99 in). The number of wet days varies, but March has the fewest wet days, averaging 2.6 days with at least 0.04 inches of precipitation. The wettest month is November, when there are 5.6 days of at least 0.04 inches of rain.

The average daily temperature in La Romana varies throughout the year, but the temperatures are consistently pleasant. In fact, the average temperature in La Romana is 83degF, a bit cooler than the rest of the Dominican Republic. However, April temperatures tend to be milder than other months of the year. Some people describe the weather in April as being pleasantly warm with a gentle breeze. In comparison, high temperatures in August are typically 89degF while lows are only around 70degF. The average daily temperature in La Romana is calculated based on historical data and is not an indication of future conditions.

Time of day

The time of day in La Romana varies from season to season, but the average daytime temperature is around 88 degF. The daytime lows rarely fall below 69 degF and the temperatures tend to rise during the night. Daytime temperatures are usually above average throughout the year, but the humidity levels may vary slightly from one year to the next.

The end of April and beginning of May marks the Dominican Republic’s Dia del Trabajo, which is the equivalent of Labor Day in the U.S. This is also the season when heavier rains start to fall. This is a great time of year to visit the el Pico Duarte mountain range and the cactus-filled Lago Enriquillo.