Weather and Temperature in La Romana, Dominican Republic in June

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La Romana experiences a warm and sunny climate in June. The average amount of sunshine is 9.7 hours per day. However, the sun can be dangerous to your health, and you should be protected against harmful UV rays by wearing protective clothing. Fortunately, the sun doesn’t burn as much as it does in some countries, and the average temperature in June is still warm enough for an enjoyable vacation.


The climate in La Romana in June is ideal for travelers who like warm weather and plenty of sunshine. On average, the area receives 9.7 hours of sunshine each day. This is the highest amount of sunshine of any month in La Romana. The months with the highest UV index are March and November, where the average UV Index is 6. A UV Index of six or seven indicates a high health hazard from UV radiation.

June is one of the hottest months of the year, with high temperatures and high humidity. The temperature drops to 23 degC at night. The area also enjoys eight hours of bright sunshine per day, which equals 63% of daylight hours. The average temperature is around 29 degC at the beginning of June, but can rise as high as 33 degrees during the hotter months of July and August.

Daily highs and lows in La Romana are warm. Average daily highs average 89degF and the lowest daily lows rarely fall below seventy degrees Fahrenheit. The coldest days of the year are January 27 and August 27. Check out the average daily temperature for La Romana in June using historical data.

Chance of significant precipitation

The chance of significant precipitation in La Romana varies from month to month. The month with the lowest chances is March, followed by February and January. The lowest percentage of precipitation is around mid-February. The week of February 19th sees zero days with precipitation, while the week of September 24th has three days.

La Romana has a moderate climate with moderate winds. It receives less than a foot of rain per year. The average monthly humidity is above 80%. There are some very humid months in La Romana. The least humid month is March, while the most humid month is November.

The best time to visit La Romana is from January through December. This time of year sees warm temperatures with little to no precipitation. June is the warmest month, with an average temperature of 31 degrees Celsius. The coolest month is January, with temperatures between 28 and 27 degrees Celsius. Rainfall in La Romana varies from month to month, but the average rainfall is relatively high in June.

Expected temperature

If you are considering a vacation to the Dominican Republic this June, you should know that it is expected to be hot and humid. The temperature is likely to be around 33 degrees Fahrenheit (94 degrees Celsius). It is extremely important to protect your body from the heat, as the average UV Index is eleven. Be sure to wear protective clothing and avoid the sun three hours before solar noon. The hottest part of June is the second week, so make sure to bring sunscreen and plenty of water!

In June, the average temperature in La Romana is 88 degrees Fahrenheit (86 degrees Celsius). Nighttime temperatures are around 23 degrees Fahrenheit (73 degrees Celsius). The hottest month in La Romana is August, with daily highs reaching 89 degrees Fahrenheit and lows of 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Based on historical data, the average day in June is roughly 80 degrees Fahrenheit, but it can be much warmer or colder.

The Caribbean climate in the Dominican Republic is generally warm all year round. The average temperature is 30 degrees Celsius in January and 33 degrees Celsius in July. In contrast, the sea temperature is about 26 degrees Celsius. Rain is most abundant in the months of November and October. In June, rain will fall on an average of seven days. The wettest month is November, with an average of 51 inches of rainfall. During the rest of the year, it will be dry.

Average temperature

June in La Romana is a month with high temperatures and humidity. The average temperature is around 27degC during the daytime, while the nighttime temperature drops to 23degC. The country experiences eight hours of bright sunshine per day, which is equal to about 63% of the daylight hours.

La Romana experiences warm temperatures throughout the day and cool evenings. Nighttime temperatures are usually around 23degC. It can be humid and there is a high risk of storms. The average rainfall is 153mm. There is a high risk of hurricanes and tornadoes during this time. The sun rises at 5.15am and sets at 7.15pm.

The Dominican Republic has a tropical climate. The country experiences hot summers from May to October and cool winters from December to March. The north coast gets wetter than the rest of the island during this time, and rainfall tends to come in brief downpours.