Weather and Temperature in September in La Romana Dominican Republic

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The daytime temperature in La Romana in September is 32.1 degrees Celsius or 89.8 degrees Fahrenheit. Rainy days are on the increase and the maximum rainfall is 131 mm (5.16 in). The number of sunny days falls to seven hours and the wind speed is on the minimum, at 3.4 mph. The humidity is at its highest during this month.

Average number of sunny hours

In September, the average number of sunny hours in La Romana is 9.2 hours. In the rest of the year, the average number of sunny hours is about nine hours. The highest UV Index is in March, reaching seven. A UV Index of six or seven is considered high, so you should avoid the sun’s UV rays during these months.

The temperature in La Romana is around 32 degC during the day. At night, the temperature falls to a comfortable 22 degrees. The number of days with a high percentage of sunshine is 8 hours. In contrast, the number of hours with a low number of sunny hours is only five hours.

The Dominican Republic has 12 rainy days during September. This is a bit higher than the average but not overly high. September sees 12 days of rain and four days of sunshine. The average nighttime temperature is 22.9 degC (73.3 degF). If you’re planning to visit the Dominican Republic during this month, it’s a good idea to book your hotel with air conditioning in order to stay cool.

On average, La Romana receives around 6 hours of sunlight per day. The hottest month of the year is August. With highs in the low eighties, this month has a pleasant, warm climate. The coolest month is January, which experiences below-average temperatures.

Average surface water temperature

The average surface water temperature in September in La Romana is 84 degrees Fahrenheit. The highest temperature in September occurs on September 21. During the growing season, water temperatures are above freezing for most of the year. In the Northern Hemisphere, this period is referred to as the calendar year, whereas in the Southern Hemisphere, it is from July 1 to June 30.

For La Romana, the average sliding 31-day rainfall is about two inches throughout the year. It rarely exceeds 4.8 inches and rarely falls below 0.1 inches. This figure is shaded by the 25th percentile bands and the 90th percentile bands, which represent the percentage of the day with precipitation that is not a snowfall.

The sea temperature in La Romana varies from month to month. During the peak of the summer, the average surface water temperature is 28.8 degC (83.8°F). Nighttime temperatures are also warmer, reaching up to 13 degrees. If you want to know the exact temperature at your hotel, you can check out the forecast.

The average temperature in September in La Romana varies from 25 degrees to 31 degrees Fahrenheit. The average sea water temperature in September is around 30 degrees Fahrenheit. September is one of the best months to visit the Dominican Republic. The weather is ideal for diving, snorkeling, and other outdoor activities.

Average number of rainy days

September in La Romana has a wet climate with average rainfall of 6.8 inches over 12 days. There are very few days during the month of September where the temperature drops below 73 degrees Fahrenheit. However, September can be hot, with the maximum temperature rising to 97 degrees F and the minimum temperature falling to 74 degrees F. Below you can find the average daily temperature of September in La Romana, with its highest and lowest temperatures, and rainfall.

During September, the average amount of sunshine is 9.2 hours, and the highest UV index is around 7. The UV Index varies from 6 to 7 and is considered high in terms of health hazards. Hence, if you’re looking for a beach vacation, September is the month for you.

In September, the humidity is high, with an average of 81 %. The humidity level is high, but should not cause a problem for those with respiratory or allergic conditions. However, if you’re sensitive to humidity, you may want to plan your trip around it.

If you’re looking for the best time to travel, September is an ideal month to visit the Dominican Republic. During this month, you’ll find sunny skies with less crowds than in other months. And since it’s the last official month of hurricane season, you’ll find that airfares and accommodations are cheaper than in other months.