What is the Weather and Climate in December in La Romana Dominican Republic?

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If you’re planning a trip to La Romana in December, then you might be wondering: What is the temperature and climate in December in La Romana? This article provides information on the average temperatures and rainfall in La Romana. Keep reading to find out if you can expect significant precipitation. This article also provides information on the number of hours of sunlight per day.


The climate in La Romana Dominican Republic in December is a pleasant one. The average temperature is 84degC, with the sea water temperature being around 83degC. The average number of sunny days is 6.3 hours. There are 16 dry days in December.

The maximum daytime temperature is 28.8 degC (82degF). However, the number of days with rain increases to 13 and the maximum rainfall is 131 mm (5.16 in). The number of days with rainfall is also increasing, while the number of sunny hours is decreasing. However, the rainfall in December is below average. It averages 127 mm (4.99 in) per day.

The temperatures in December are not as warm as in the summer months, but the humidity is still low and the rain is relatively short. The Dominican Republic is also a good choice for travelers because the temperatures are still comfortable and the chances of rain are low. As it is the last month of the hurricane season, prices are low.

Chance of significant precipitation

The chance of significant precipitation in December in La Romanan is higher than in other months. The probability of significant precipitation varies from month to month, with the lowest probability occurring in March and January. In La Romana, there are usually only a few days when significant precipitation occurs, with an average of 2.7 days with at least 0.04 inches. These wet days can be snow or rain, and the chance of significant precipitation during December is 22%.

The climate and temperature of La Romana is influenced by multiple factors, such as the location of the city. A large body of water is near the city, so there is a seasonal variation in average water temperature. This variation is due to the proximity of La Romana to the ocean.

The average percentage of sky covered with clouds varies greatly throughout the year. From November 17 to May 2, the average hourly wind speed in La Romana is more than 10.4 miles per hour. During the rest of the year, the wind speeds are lower and moderate. The predominant wind direction is from the east throughout the year.

Climate in La Romana

The weather in La Romana Dominican Republic is warm. The average temperature for this time of year is 32.1 degC (83.8 degF). The number of rainy days increases to 13, with a total of 131 mm (5.16 in) of precipitation. The number of days with sunshine drops to seven. The wind speed is minimal, at 3.4 mph. The humidity is at its highest level.

The climate in La Romana in December is hot and humid, but it’s also reasonably dry. The temperatures can reach as high as 85degF during the day, while the minimum temperature can only reach around 70degF. It’s also the fourth-driest month of the year, with an average rainfall of 7.7 mm over 17 days.

Temperatures in La Romana will continue to decline. Daytime temperatures are still warm, but the sea will be cooler. The rainy season begins in November, and it ends in December. Daytime high temperatures in La Romana are generally in the mid-80s. The coldest months are January and August. The figure below shows hourly average temperatures in December.

Climate in La Romana in December

The average temperature for La Romana in December is 29 degC (83.8 F). The number of sunny days starts to decrease with only eight hours of sun in a day. The number of rainy days increases to 13, but the number of days with rain is on the rise. There are also sixteen days during December when there is no rainfall at all.

The climate in La Romana is very pleasant in March and April. There are 9 days of rain in April, but these days are rare. By May, the water temperature in La Romana will reach 27.5 degC (81.5 degF) which is perfect for swimming.

The daily average temperature is around 28 degF (74 degC). The sea temperature is also relatively warm, ranging from 26degF to 29degF. November, October, and September are the wettest months of the year. Daily minimum temperatures can range from twenty degrees in the morning to 30 degrees in the afternoon. There are 51 inches of rainfall annually and 22 days with no rain.