What is the Weather and Temperature in August in La Romana Dominican Republic?

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If you’re planning a trip to La Romana in August, you’re probably wondering, “What is the weather and temperature in La Romana in August?” Here’s a guide to the average temperatures and sunny hours in the area during August. You’ll also learn about the probability of significant precipitation during this month.

Average number of sunny hours

The average number of sunny hours in La Romana in August is 7.2 hours. This is a slightly lower figure than in July. However, it is still a warm month. The daytime temperatures are still above average, reaching 28.8 degC (83.8 degF). The amount of rainfall is on the rise, reaching 127 mm (4.99 in) in August.

August is a warm and humid month in the Dominican Republic. Temperatures in La Romana are typically around 33degC during the day, and only drop to 23degC at night. This means that you can spend long periods outside without worrying about the sun’s UV rays damaging your skin.

The Dominican Republic is prone to heavy rainfall during the rainy season, but it isn’t too intense. The rains are generally thunderstorms and don’t reduce the number of sunny hours much. In addition, rains tend to be concentrated in certain periods and don’t last a full week.

Average temperature

La Romana experiences high temperatures and humidity during August. The maximum temperature in August is around 95degF and the minimum temperature is only 74degF. The average UV index in August is between 6 and 7. A UV Index of 6 or 7 indicates that the area has high UV exposure and may pose a health risk.

The average temperature in La Romana varies between 30 deg C in January and 33 degrees C in July. Water temperatures range from 26 to 29 degrees C. The wettest months are November, October, and September. The average rainfall in these months is 51 inches and the average number of days without rainfall is 22 days.

August weather in the Dominican Republic is generally warm, with highs of 87 degrees F during the day and lows of 77 degrees at night. The National Office of Meteorology reports three inches of rain in August. If you are looking for a beach vacation with less rain, consider visiting Puerto Plata.

Average chance of significant precipitation

The probability of significant precipitation in La Romana varies throughout the year. The amount of precipitation in La Romana depends on the season and the amount of sunlight. In May, there is 2.4 inches of precipitation on average, while in December, it is only 0.8 inches.

In August, the water temperature around the Dominican Republic is around 29 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is comfortable even for those who normally feel cold. This warm air temperature makes it feel comfortable to step out of the water. It also contributes to the mild climate, as water temperature remains warm throughout the year.

The dry season in La Romana lasts from January to December. The average daily temperature in La Romana is 28 degC during the summer and 31 degC in the winter. Water temperature is 30 degC during the summer and 27 degrees C in the winter. For those interested in determining the average monthly temperature and humidity in La Romana, check out the table below. This data is based on climate data collected for the past 30 years.

Average chance of significant precipitation in August

The average amount of precipitation in La Romana varies throughout the year. In La Romana, there are nine months when the sky is clear and five months with more than five days of precipitation. The clearest month is January, with an average of eighty percent of the sky being clear. The cloudiest month is June, with an average of seven percent of the sky being cloudy.

The Dominican Republic is prone to tropical storms. However, the chance of a major storm affecting the island varies by region. While rains are possible, these showers are usually light and do not significantly reduce the number of daylight hours. Furthermore, these showers usually occur during short intervals and do not last for a full week.

August is the hottest month in the Dominican Republic. The average daytime high is 87 degrees Fahrenheit, while the average nighttime low is 77 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the ideal time to visit the Dominican Republic if you enjoy warm weather and are not worried about the risk of hurricanes. If you’re planning a vacation in August, make sure you bring light clothing and avoid any athletic activities.