What is the Weather and Temperature in November in La Romana Dominican Republic?

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The weather in La Romana is fairly consistent during the month of November. There are three basic climate categories to consider: growing degree days, the chance of significant precipitation, and the topography. These categories are important to understand before traveling to the Dominican Republic in November.

Caribbean weather in November in La Romana Dominican Republic

In the capital city Santo Domingo, the average temperature in November is 31oC. However, it’s still quite warm at night. The sea is pleasantly warm, too, at 28oC. During the November months, the humidity is high, and rain will fall on average every 14 days. There are 11 hours of daylight each day, and there are 7 hours of sunshine. There’s also a high risk of hurricanes, but the chances of direct hurricanes are low. In case of a hurricane, hotel management will evacuate their guests to safe areas.

In the Dominican Republic, temperatures remain warm year-round. Daytime temperatures range from 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) to 73 degrees (23 degrees) at night. The country experiences high humidity, but the constant breeze helps to moderate the heat. The sun is usually visible twelve hours a day, but it may disappear in the clouds during the rainy season.

The fall months are ideal for traveling to the Dominican Republic. As the second wet season ends, the Dominican Republic returns to its signature sun. Although November is still considered the off-season, temperatures will gradually increase. Hence, tourists should book their flights and hotel reservations as early as possible.

Growing degree days

Growing degree days are the measure of yearly heat accumulation that is necessary for plant and animal development. These days are measured by adding up the amount of warmth above a base temperature and discarding any excess warmth above the maximum temperature. November is a month when the average number of growing degree days increases rapidly, by about 828 degF.

During November, the average hourly wind speed in La Romana increases from 9.7 miles per hour to 11.6 miles per hour. Windy days in La Romana occur most often in March and November. The calmest days are on October 10 and March 2. The average wind direction is east. On November 30, the proportion of east-going winds increases to 79%.

The rainfall in November is moderate in La Romana. An average of 0.04 inches of liquid equivalent falls on November 3 and November 10. There is a small chance of a wet day. However, the chances of wet days decrease rapidly, with the highest daily chance being 22% on November 3 and the lowest at 7% on March 10.

Chance of significant precipitation

The chance of precipitation in November in La Romana is 35%. On average, the city receives 0.1 millimeters of rain during this month. However, the chance of significant precipitation can change based on the time of year. The highest chance of significant precipitation occurs on November 30 while the lowest is on November 1.

The prevailing climate is tropical in nature, with hot summers in May through October and pleasant winters in December and January. Generally, the northern part of the country experiences more rainfall than its southern portion. Mountain ranges can also increase or decrease the effects of trade winds. This is why the north-western coast experiences a decrease in rainfall from June to September.

While November is the wettest month, there are plenty of sunny days. Moreover, the water temperature is around 28 degrees Celsius. The humidity is relatively low. However, it may be humid during the wet season.


La Romana is a Dominican city along the Caribbean Sea and is the capital of the province of La Romana. It is situated along the western banks of the rivers Romana and Dulce and has a population of about 130,426 people. As of 2010, the city was almost 100% urban.

La Romana’s climate varies depending on the time of year. November is colder than other months, with an average temperature of 31degC during the day and 21 degrees Celsius at night. It’s also wetter than other months, with an average of 109mm of rain falling over 16 days. During November, there are 8.2 hours of sunshine per day.

The day length is 11:16, with sunrise at 06:42 and sunset at 17:58. The climate in La Romana is ideal for vacationing in November because the average rainfall is just right for the time of year.