Hotel The Greek Casino Resorts Punta Cana

The hotel has pros and cons as we found when we stayed there. It is very close to the beach and the breakfast is delicious. The staff are also very friendly. I enjoyed the location and the views from the rooms. One of the pros of the hotel is its big bed and the quality of the food. We also appreciated the great service of the front desk staff. Overall, I would definitely recommend staying at this resort.

Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic –

Rooms are 430 ft2

Hotel The Greek Casino Resorts Punta Caná has rooms that range in size from 430 square feet to a little over 500 square feet. They offer a great location near the beach and an authentic Greek experience. However, it does have its drawbacks. For one thing, the rooms are noisy and the showers are salty, but you’ll still have a great time.

Food quality and quantity at the buffet

When it comes to food quality and quantity, Hotel The Greek Casino Resorts Punta Cano’s buffet ranks very high. Staff members are attentive and professional. There are also sanitary measures in place to prevent the spread of food-borne illnesses. The buffet staff wears masks while at work, and the area is well-sanitized and sealed.

Isla Saona is a beautiful island

Taking a tour to Isla Saona is a great way to see this beautiful island. Several tours leave from Bayahibe, Playa Bavaro, Punta Cana, and Santo Domingo. These tours offer a variety of activities, including food and entertainment. Some tours are even accompanied by tour guides.

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful beach, exotic wildlife, or a unique vacation spot, the Isla Saona island is a great place to visit. You’ll find gorgeous white sand beaches, palm trees, and turquoise water. While you’re there, don’t miss a visit to the sea turtle sanctuary and Mano Juan.

Saona Island is one of the Dominican Republic’s most popular tourist destinations, drawing thousands of visitors each day. The island resembles a tropical paradise, with swaying palm trees, turquoise waters, and Caribbean music. The island is also home to the largest natural pool in the Caribbean.

Isla Saona is 19 km south of the mainland. It is part of Cotubanama National Park, previously known as Parque Nacional del Este. Its pristine beaches and crystal clear waters are ideal for swimming and relaxing. The island is easily accessible by speedboat or catamaran. Approximately 2,500 visitors visit the island each day and more than one million each year. Of these, about 20% are locals.

The mangroves of Saona Island are home to a variety of birds and wildlife. Among them is the White-Crowned Pigeon, a rare species with white head feathers. When you visit the island, be sure to treat wildlife with respect. Never touch, feed, or interact with the wildlife.

Saona Island is a great spot for a daytrip. You can reach it by speedboat or catamaran from Bayahibe. You can also drive yourself to Bayahibe if you have a rental car and want to see more of the island.

The island is also home to a small fishing village called Mano Juan. This town has colorful wooden houses and restaurants and souvenir shops. If you want to go beyond the tourist traps, you can also visit the turtle sanctuary. Turtle eggs are protected in this sanctuary for three to four days and studied for conservation.

Excursions from Secrets Royal Beach

For those who love to spend their days on the beach, Secrets Royal Beach at Hotel The Greek Casino resorts Punta Cana is the perfect place to stay. Its location along the coast of Punta Cana gives guests access to miles of beautiful beaches and a pristine setting. The resort offers private excursions to the nearby island of Isla Saona. This island boasts some of the Caribbean’s most gorgeous beaches, turquoise waters, and a picturesque, paradisiac setting. Excursions to the nearby island of La Hacienda Park and Bavaro Adventure Park are also available. A visit to the Blue Lagoon is another popular destination in the area.

Secrets Royal Beach Punta Cana has a large, inviting lobby with touches of tropical vegetation. There are a variety of restaurants and bars, including Coco Café, which features coffee and pastry specialties. There is also a casino at the resort.

Excursions from Secrets Royal Beach at the Hotel The Greek Casino Resorts Punta Can is convenient and inexpensive, with convenient public transportation and all-inclusive service. You can walk to many areas of Punta Cana, including shops, restaurants, and nightclubs. The resort is also close to popular beach clubs, as well as the busy neighborhood of Corales.

Whether you’re looking for noisy nightlife or bright special effects, there is something for everyone at this resort. The Chavon River is a famous film location and has been used for many action movies. It boasts scenic shorelines, unique tropical mango thickets, and many other attractions. It’s the perfect destination for those seeking the ultimate in nightlife.

Rooms at Secrets Royal Beach Punta Cana feature upgraded furniture and spacious bathrooms. The rooms also include a balcony or terrace, a bathtub, and extensive bathroom amenities. In addition, the resort offers complimentary WiFi and a daily refreshed minibar.

Guests who are interested in learning about the life of dolphins can take part in a Dolphin Swim excursion. This activity allows participants to experience the unique lifestyle of these creatures and learn about proper swimming techniques. Additionally, they can take part in a fun game of beach volleyball.