Weather and Temperature in Sosua in June

Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic –

The daytime temperature is very high at 30.9 degC and the sea temperature is around 26.4 degC. This makes it a warm month to visit Sosua. However, the nighttime temperature is chilly, with a temperature of only 21.8 degC. The number of rainy days also increases.

Average daytime temperature

In Sosua, the average daytime temperature is around 32 deg C, with nighttime temperatures only slightly cooler at 21 deg C. June is the second driest month, with 83mm of rainfall falling over 13 days, or 8.1 hours of sunshine per day.

The average daytime temperature in Sosua is 28.4 deg C (83.1 F), and the sea temperature is 27.0 deg C (80.5 F). The number of rainy days continues to fall, with a total of 11 days of rainfall. Nighttime temperatures are relatively warm at 20.0 degC (68.0 deg F), and the number of hours of sunshine is on the rise.

Average nighttime temperature

Sosua’s climate is tropical, which means that it is always warm throughout the day and cool at night. Daytime temperatures typically range from 28.2 degrees C to 32.4 degrees C, while sea temperatures usually average around 25.7 degrees C (79.5 degrees F). The driest month in Sosua is April, with an average of 8 days of rain, while the wettest month is October, with an average of 13 days of rain.

The average temperature in Sosua in June is 21.8 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the sea is also around 26.7 degrees F, making it a perfect temperature for swimming and snorkeling. While the average nighttime temperature is only two degrees lower than the average, it is still warm enough to make it a pleasant place to spend the night.

Average chance of precipitation

Sosua is a tropical city, and the average temperature ranges from 87degF in the summer to 76degF in the winter. Many people describe the weather in June in Sosua as being warm with a gentle breeze. The hottest month is September, and the coldest month is March. June is generally a comfortable temperature, with highs ranging from 83degF to 28degC and lows of 27degF. This is based on average climate data for the last 30 years.

Sosua is located in the Dominican Republic. It is 12,928 km away from Islamabad, and flying to Sosua takes about 16 hours and 40 minutes. The local currency is the Dominican peso.

Average chance of heat index

In June, Sosua experiences a temperature range of 87degF to 76degF. This temperature range is pleasant with a gentle breeze. The hottest month of the year in Sosua is September, and the coolest is March. Despite the hot summer temperatures, Sosua also has cool winters. The average temperature in June is 83degF, whereas the average temperature in the coldest month is 76degF.

Average monthly temperature data in Sosua is based on averages over the past 30 years. The most pleasant months are January through December, with warm temperatures and little to no precipitation. June has the highest average temperature, while January is the coolest. Sosua has warm water, and the average water temperature is 30degC.

Average number of sunny hours

Sosua has a very pleasant climate in June. Its average temperature is around 87 degF, while the sea temperature reaches a high of 26.7 degC (80 degF). The number of days that are rainy drops to 11, and the average number of sunny hours drops to about five hours.

In June, the average number of sunny hours is 9.2 hours. This is considered to be a reasonable number for the Dominican Republic. However, you should take into account the fact that the number of sunny hours will vary from day to day.

Average wind speed

Average wind speed in June in Sosue is generally low. During this month, the temperature usually ranges between 87 degF and 76 degF. This is considered pleasant weather in Sosua. The hottest month in the city is September. The coldest month is March. The average daily temperature in Sosua is 83 degF. This information is based on historical data.

In Sosua, the average wind speed during this month is 6.4 knots. It’s a light breeze and comfortable for most outdoor activities. In mid-July, the wind is strongest with sustained speeds of 14.1 knots.