What is the Weather and Temperature in April in Samana?

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The average daily high temperature in Samana is 83degF, while the average low temperature is 72degF. Temperatures rarely go below 69degF or exceed 77degF. On September 18 the average temperature reaches 87degF. You can check the average daily temperature in Samana by viewing the hourly temperature chart below.

Las Terrenas

When you visit Las Terrenas in April, you can expect to find temperatures that are around 83 degrees Fahrenheit. The daily high temperature rarely falls below 79 degrees and the daily low temperature rarely falls below 70 degrees. However, it is important to note that the temperatures may vary during different parts of the day. If you want to view the weather for each hour of the day in a graph, enable the “wind speed” feature.

The weather in April in Las Terrenas is pleasant, but is a bit chilly. The minimum temperature during the month is 23 degrees Celsius. There is a chance that it will fall below that figure if the weather is rainy.

Las Palmas Residences

The spring season continues in April, making the weather in Las Palmas mild and pleasant. The sun shines for around 10 hours per day, which makes for great sightseeing weather. The chance of rain is low, falling to only 15%. The average rainfall is 6mm, spread out over six days.

Guests can enjoy an early morning swim, or spend the day at the beach. In addition to a pool, many apartments feature an ocean view, coffee and tea making facilities, as well as TVs. Those who want to explore the local sights can also enjoy the renowned “House of the Oranges”. The house is a must-visit for families, and also offers kids’ activities.

Average temperature in Samana in April

The average temperature in Samana in April is 78degF and it varies slightly from day to day. It is a mildly cool month, but the average maximum wind speed is 12mph. The average wind direction is east. It is very important to wear the right clothing for this season.

The sea temperature in Samana is around 27 degrees Celsius, which is very warm for April. However, you should be aware that Samana experiences very high humidity levels throughout the year. In March, for instance, the humidity is at 69.5%, while in September, the relative humidity is 77%.

The day length is 12:35 hours long. The average rainfall is 29.1 inches. There are fewer clouds than during the winter months, but the rainy season is still a possibility. April is the windiest month in Samana, and the winds are moderate.

Best time to visit Samana

Whale watching is one of the top activities in Samana Peninsula. It is the perfect location for viewing the migrating humpback whales. Many tour companies offer boat excursions to see these creatures. However, the water can be rough, so make sure you don’t get seasick.

The best time to visit Samana is in April. The weather is nice throughout the year, but don’t plan your trip during the rainy months. The temperature reaches as high as 30°C (86°F) during the day, and drops as low as 21°C (70°F) at night.

The best time to visit Samana in April is when the mercury stays at a pleasant eighty degrees. It’s not too hot, but it’s not cold either, making it the perfect time to relax by the ocean. The average maximum wind speed in Samana in April is 12mph, whereas it drops to 11mph the following month. The wind direction is usually east.