What is the Weather and Temperature in June in Samana Peninsula, Philippines?

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The Samana Peninsula experiences year-round excellent weather. You can expect the daytime temperature to reach 30 degrees Fahrenheit (86 degrees Celsius) during the summer, and temperatures as low as 21 degrees Fahrenheit at night in winter. During these months, you can enjoy the tropical rainforest climate, beaches, and a host of festivals.

Tropical rainforest climate

During the months of June to July, the climate of Samana is tropical with high rainfall and average temperatures of about 81 degrees Fahrenheit. It also experiences high relative humidity and there are hardly any dry days. The average monthly rainfall is around 60 millimeters.

From mid-December through May, the climate in Samana is dry with low precipitation. Between June and October, the region experiences increased precipitation and hurricane activity. The main tourist seasons in Samana are Easter and European summer holidays. In addition, Christmas and the end of February are popular times for tourists to visit.

Monthly precipitation charts are a good tool to plan for the effects of seasonal changes. Be aware that simulated precipitation amounts are often significantly lower than the actual amount, and the number of days that precipitation is likely to occur may be overestimated by a factor of two in a tropical climate. Another useful tool is a temperature chart that shows the number of days that Samana experiences temperatures above and below certain thresholds.

High humidity

The hottest month in Samana is June, with temperatures ranging from 83 to 90 deg F. Temperatures rarely fall below 73 deg F and rarely exceed 78 deg F. High humidity is common during these months, but despite the soaring temperatures, the days are still pleasant. On average, there are 11 hours of daylight a day in June, making it the most pleasant month for holidaymakers.

Samana has a warm, humid climate throughout the year. The shortest days are December 21 and the longest days are June 21. The highest relative humidity is in the months of June and September.


For those who love humpback whales, beaches in the Samana Peninsula are a must. The region is home to hundreds of whales, which come to give birth. Many tour companies offer boat excursions to see them in action. Be sure to check weather conditions before booking a tour.

Beaches in the Samana Peninsula are almost always open, and some are over two miles long. That is more than you’d find in Punta Cana. The north coast is where most of the beaches are located. These beaches are listed below from west to east.

If you want a beach that is quiet and unspoiled, head to Playa Rincon, a small rocky beach at the upper prong of the Samana Peninsula. It’s the best Samana beach, but the best part is that it’s practically inaccessible. It’s reached by a rocky road from Las Galeras. For years, there were rumors that a major hotel chain might build a hotel here, but the region’s natural beauty has protected it from development.


If you’re a seafood lover, don’t miss the Festivals in Samana Peninsula in June. The town is known for its coconut-sauced fish and farmed shrimp. It also hosts the Marisco Ripiao Festival, a summertime celebration of the region’s indigenous culture, food, and art. The event will take place between 16 and 18 June 2017.

Festivals in Samana Peninsula in June begin with San Juan Bautista, held from June 17 to 24. This festival honors Saint John the Baptist and the Chango, the indigenous tribespeople. In Bani, the Bani festival features sarandunga music, a rapid-fire African drum-and-chorus rhythm beaten out in drum circles. San Pedro de Macoris is also home to San Pedro Apostol and the Santiago Apostol festivals, held on July 24 to 26. These festivals are centered on the Santiago Monument.

The town also hosts a number of festivals throughout the year, including the International Book Fair in the Plaza de la Cultura Square in Santo Domingo. During the third week of June, visitors to Samana can experience the Cultural Festival in Puerto Plaza, which features a wide variety of cultural performances, including traditional dances and musical performances. Punta Cana also holds the Food & Wine Festival in June, where they can sample a variety of fine wines and delicious cuisine.