What is the Weather and Temperature in May in Playa Dorada, Dominican Republic?

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May is one of the most popular months to visit Playa Dorada. The climate in this area is very pleasant. The temperature is warm, and it’s sunny most of the time. However, this coastal town does experience rainy periods, with the rainiest months occurring in January, February, and March.



In May, the average sea water temperature is 68 degrees Fahrenheit. This data comes from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and is based on the 1/4-degree daily Optimum Interpolation Sea Surface Temperature. The exact temperature of the sea will vary depending on the conditions and sea depth.

This tropical rainforest climate has two distinct seasons – the rainy period and the relatively dry season. The rainy season is characterized by high humidity and fierce rains. The dry season, from January to March, is considered the best time to visit. However, hurricanes are possible during the rainy season, so it’s best to avoid this time of year if possible.

The daytime maximum in Playa Dorada in May is around 29 degrees and the lows drop to around 19 degrees. In September and October, there are few rainy days, but you will still enjoy long sunny days and 8 hours of sunshine each day.

Average daily incident shortwave solar energy

The growing degree days are one of the most important indicators for the first spring blooms in Costa Dorada. They are rarely present before January 26 and often appear after February 27. The average daily incident shortwave solar energy is the amount of solar energy reaching the surface of the Earth over a large area. It takes into account seasonal variations in the length of day and the Sun’s elevation above the horizon. This energy is visible light, but it also includes ultraviolet radiation. It experiences large seasonal variations over the year.

The longest day is June 21, with an average of 15 hours, 8 minutes of daylight. The shortest day is December 21. The latest sunset occurs on June 27, when the sun sets four hours, 5 minutes later. Aside from the temperature, wind is another important factor in the climate of Costa Dorada. In a given month, the wind speed and direction are highly dependent on the topography.

Average hourly wind speed

The average hourly wind speed in Playa Dorada varies slightly throughout the year. The windiest month is December, with the calmest month being August. The predominant direction of the wind also varies. In general, the winds are from the north. During the winter, the wind can be strong and gusty, while in the summer, the winds are calmer and can be moderate or light.

The topography of the area surrounding Playa Dorada is flat and relatively flat. The area within two miles is mostly covered by water, while the area within ten miles is covered by cropland and artificial surfaces. In May, the average wind speed in Playa Dorada is around 1.1 mph, while the maximum gusts are around four miles per hour.

Clearest month of the year

May is the clearest month in Playa Dorada, which is known for its warm, gentle weather. The average high in the month is 23 degC, and the lowest is 13 degC at night. Sea temperatures are also generally pleasant, averaging 17 degC at midday. The area also experiences a low humidity level of around 70%, and there are 14 hours of sunshine per day.

The hottest month of the year is August. From that month through October, Playa Dorada experiences an average of 5.6 days of rain. The highest probability of rain is recorded on October 2, with 19% of days containing rain. The amount of precipitation in these months depends on the local topography and the direction of the wind.

Best time to visit

May is an ideal time to visit Playa Dorada, Dominican Republic, if you are planning to spend your vacation at the beach. The weather is warm and sunny most days of the year. The average temperature is 29 degrees Celsius. In the winter, the temperature drops below 15 degrees Celsius. In the summer, the weather is warm and sunny, but not hot. Playa Dorada receives an average of 53% of the sun’s rays.

The climate in Playa Dorada is tropical savanna. There are two distinct seasons – a rainy period and a relatively dry period. The rainy period is rainy and humid, with high humidity. The drier period is ideal for swimming, and the temperatures average 87 degrees Fahrenheit during the hottest part of the year. The lowest month is January, while the highest temperature is 86 degrees.